3F Technics – Precision as a passion

3F-Technics is relentless in its pursuit of quality and precision when it comes to metalworking, right down to the tiniest detail. The company has a wealth of experience to draw on – from planning to production to control. Thanks to its direct communication channels and streamlined structures,
3F-Technics is flexible and efficient and, what's more, relishes the challenge of complicated specifications and complex workpieces. The Zürich-based specialists tailor their vast expertise to the needs of their clients and customers from the outset, from project development to the choice of production technology – after all 3F-Technics is an expert in the machining of metal – through to the selection of raw materials.

Demanding requirements and complex workpieces area welcome challenge for us

3F-Technics is an expert in the area of automated metalworking, with particular emphasis on CNC milling, producing both component parts and small series. A reliable partner, the company is primarily active in the high-tech sector and in the area of laboratory technology and maintains constant contact with higher education establishments and universities.